Moving Made Simple

It’s been a whirlwind start to January as Richard and I made the decision to relocate to Austin! We are so excited about this next step in our journey and are looking forward to finding our new home. Of course we have a lot to do with packing and moving in just a few weeks. Since we will be living in an apartment temporarily, and I’m wanting to store some of our things to avoid having to pack twice, I’m using a colored sticky note system to keep things simple and organized. This may come in handy if you need to store items during your move or just to keep the process of unpacking stress-free.

I started with a marker and stack of sticky notes. I’ve designated each color with our moving needs – orange [storage]; green [kitchen]; pink [bedroom]; blue [bath], etc.

sticky notes
love+grace | moving made simple

So there are a couple of ways to tackle staying organized with your box labeling. Here, I’m using a keyword on each box with the color system above. I’ve also noted a number on the sticky note. The lower numbers will be the first items I pack [i.e. things I won’t need right away] and the larger numbers in the system are boxes I will unpack first.

sticky note labeling for moving
love+grace | labeling for a move

You may have a mix of items in your boxes and need more detailed list. For that, simply use the sticky note color system but just indicate a number on the box. Then use a notebook to list more details on the items contained in the box.

moving list
love+grace | detailed moving notes

All that’s left is attaching to the top and side of the box for an easy indicator on what’s inside and which room or area of your home the box needs to go.

box labeling
love+grace | moving made simple

Happy moving – we will see you in Austin!