Easy Faux Succulent ArrangementsĀ 

Autumn is nearly here! And, with gatherings and guests around the corner, you may be looking for an easy diy table arrangement. While I love real succulents (and believe me we have plenty on the back patio) making a faux table container is simple and easy to switch out for your upcoming holiday get-togethers.

Supplies: container, syrofoam insert, batting, 15+ faux succulents, pebbles and moss. No glue required!

Start with selecting a neutral container that will work with your seasonal changes. I love Magnolia Market’s cement bowls. I received them as a gift last year and they look lovely on our dining table.

Pick up a variety of succulents at your local craft store. I found a good variety of sprigs at Michaels and purchased about 15 for each container, along with a piece of styrofoam, batting and pebbles. I also included a little moss I had from another project.

The best part is you can do this arrangement without any gluing, so everything can be easily removed from the container for a new arrangement. 

First, place your styrofoam in the base of the container. You may need to cut to fit. Then fill in any gaps or edges with batting to create a flat base for your faux succulents. Now have fun arranging!  Starting in the middle, begin gently pushing the succulents into the styrofoam. Vary colors and styles to creating layers and interest throughout the arrangement. Fill in any gaps with pebbles and moss.

And in no time you will have a lovely succulent container for your dining table!